What is 1FMG?

First Floor Music Group, soon to be known as 1FMG, is an up and coming Dutch label which houses some of the future’s most eager artists.

1FMG started off as two separate projects by Mustash and Niche, producer and artist, who were looking for a way to show the music world that there were still sounds and styles waiting to be explored. After years of working by themselves and improving their sound, Mustash was unexpectedly re-united with his former high school friend, Niche.
Their lives and tastes had evolved in the same direction and it did not take long before they decided to collaborate and expand their musical horizon even more. After a few test productions and fruitful results, the production duo decided they wanted to share the music and the experience with more artists so that their style would never stop evolving.

1FMG is more than just another label trying to profit off the hard work the artists put in. Instead, they choose to be a platform for creative talent and motivate them to discover what’s hidden below the surface. All the artists go through an intense phase of coaching by Mustash and Niche themselves before taking any next steps. This way, the artist and the production duo know what the artist is capable of and what direction to steer in. They find it very important that an artist is free to develop their own style while at the same time paying attention to the strong points instead of trying to push them in the wrong direction. As a result, their love and passion for music keeps growing while the creativity keeps expanding.

Contact: info@firstfloormusicgroup.com